Tempo is now available on Steam


Aestronauts is a NY based game studio looking to bring entertainment to unlikely places. We are committed to making engaging and light-hearted experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone.

“Within these past 12 months, this new Troy studio developed and released its most popular title, Tempo, a single-player rhythm game that offers an audiovisual arcade experience to test speed and accuracy. Tempo reached Top-5 on Steam’s Trending and is reached over 50,000 downloads in its first month.”

Center for economic growth, albany, ny


These are the people leading our mission

Ayo Afolabi

2D Game Concept Artist

Brett Blandford

Cinematic Animator

Gabriel Priem

Composer and Sound Designer

Jingyu Zhuang

Game Producer

Millie Harris

3D Technical Artist

Noah Maestre

Level Designer

Wyatt Marvil

Gameplay and Graphics Programmer